Conditioner 10oz

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Packed with natural ingredients designed to nourish, condition, and restore damaged, fragile hair. Formulated to wash away clean, it delivers a natural shine and prevents breakage for super-strong hair.

Sulfate-Free. Paraben-Free.

Key Ingredients:

Keratin: Fills in cracks and damage along the hair shaft that can cause frizz and split ends. Provides moisture and restores lost luster and shine.
Argan Oil: Moisturizes the scalp and hair to improve dry, damaged hair. Rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Omega-6, and Linoleic Acid.
Shea Butter: Reduces irritation on the scalp and provides moisture to dry, damaged, or color-treated strands.
Collagen: Rebuilds damaged hair and promotes healthy moisture levels to maintain hair’s strength and elasticity.
Vegetable Protein: Restructures and strengthens damaged hair for better absorption of healing ingredients. Unlike animal protein, vegetable protein does not leave a filmy residue on the hair.

How to Use:

After using Nourishing Shampoo, apply Moisture-Rich Conditioner to the ends of strands. Leave in for 3-5 minutes and rinse until water runs clear. For deep-conditioning treatment, leave-in hair for 20 minutes and rinse. Follow with Hydrating Leave-In Conditioner.

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